Rewind a few years back to 2011, and you would have found me in my first year of University. I was constantly day dreaming of all the places I wanted to visit in a few years. My parents always supported my wayfarer spirit. Fast forward to the present and travel has now become an innate part of my life and of this blog.

Although for some that may seem a little crazy. For me every second in the air and on the road is worth discovering the new places waiting for me at the other end. The places you visit and the people you meet bring growth, adventure and life experience. Travel is a huge catalyst for all of those things.

Let me add to the mix here, that my definition of travel is not necessarily exclusive to flying to the other side of the world. I enjoy local travels too. There are so many places you can travel to in Kenya; go on a wildlife safari, lay under the white sandy beaches, hike mountains, get kissed by a giraffe, play with baby elephants and so much more. There’s no denying that my trips abroad have been life experiences that have changed me for the better, but so have the trips that have lasted only a few days in the same country I live in and already love.

With that in mind, here are the reasons I think we should all broaden our horizons. See more of the world.



1. Creating memories: When you look back over your past, you’ll always remember the mountains you climbed and islands you visited with your friends.

2. Grow your mind: We have nothing to lose and a world to see. There is so much for us to experience out there. Wherever you go you always learn something new to bring back home. You will also learn that how the media portrays a place is usually not the complete truth.



3. Meet new people: We often travel to feel closer to others and celebrate an occasion in our lives with our family, friends and soulmates. Often we meet people on our travels that we could not have had the chance to meet. People are friendly everywhere, it’s amazing. I have met some of the most amazing and closest people I’m proud to call my friends through my travels

4. Relax and reset: However much we love our jobs, family and life, there is something special about being out of the status quo, escaping reality for a while to wind down, recharge and reboot. We become more productive after having a break from our everyday lives.



5. Achieve dreams: We all have adventures we are dying to live, ideal holidays to experience and wonders of the world we are dying to see. Traveling can offer a way to live our dreams like nothing else seems to do.

6. Get inspired and inspire others: The world is a giant place filled with wonders; with so much to see, it’s nearly impossible not to become inspired along the way. Traveling isn’t just about vacation. It’s about escaping your every day and discovering the new: places, sights, people, cultures, people and sounds.  There’s nothing greater than visiting a part of the world you adore so much that you want to tell your friends and family about every day you spent there and would recommend them visiting too.






  1. This is so true. Traveling is one of the best hobbies one can ha
    have. The memories are for life time. I believe this world we came to make memories since we only have one life. GREAT WORK LOVE… YOU HIT IT GOOD?❤️

  2. Wherever you source your inspiration from,keep it! You got the drive,and the zeal too. Keeping us glued to such articles will definitely ignite someone’s inner spirit to take up such. It’s educative & very alluring… ,something that’ll definitely keep many of us wanting more of just to say the least. #keeping up with Itsyregi#.
    Good stuff,keep it up.

    1. Hey love. I am glad you are inspired by my article
      I feel that you learn a lot by travelling; locally and internationally
      I’ll definitely keep them coming. I’m glad you will be here

  3. This is so true. There’s never too little time to set apart and unwind with a little travel. #Wanderlust #vagabonds

  4. Why_Regi ?…
    This is honestly such a great read… You have brought out the realism of travel in high level. True to each word… May you get more travel experiences to inspire more of your readers…

    NB: Glad to be featured on this one ?

    I look forward to more #TravelFeels together

  5. The world was made round for us to go from home to back home so us to enjoy ,learn grow and make memories ………be a bird and fly cheers

  6. Great Inspiration there Twin??, travelling creates memoirs, good times, relaxation and meeting new people. This is an Inspiration to go and Travel more.

    Great Work???✔

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