It’s not often I do a stand-alone foodie post like this but I just couldn’t figure out a better way to show you this amazing gem we found in Kilimani.

For starters, I ate far too much and hence have too many photos to append to this post. All that aside, let me tell you about The Chat Room.

Situated in a shrouded apartment complex in Kilimani, the restaurant feels very exclusive and relaxed, and so is the clientele.

Seeing as it was a laid back setting, a Savannah Cider to start the evening was agreeable to me. Drew settled for a Tusker Lite while we waited for our food order.

There was a handful of people at the restaurant, mostly in pairs and a few working on their laptops. The music was mellow and not too loud, perfect for a chilled out evening to unwind.

The restaurant is on the ground floor of the apartment, and the terrace is covered by a white translucent roof that diffuses the sunlight to a soft white atmosphere in the terrace.

After a few agreeable minutes, the friendly attendant came to assure us that our order was underway in preparation. We were starving and the drinks weren’t satiating our hunger. Perhaps, the conversation kept us from realizing that it was almost an hour before our food arrived at our table. Regardless, it all looked really good. It could have been from being famished, but ‘someone’ skipped the tradition of a food photography session and dived right into the meal. It was delicious by the way!

The main event started with the mashed sweet potatoes, within which lay cucumbers, sliced yellow peppers, red cabbage and carrots! They were distractions/decorations though (albeit rather tasty ones) alongside the beef goulash. You stir it all up and waste no time taking it apart. Soooo. Sooooooo. Good!

After the filling meal, we decided to continue our high spirited shenanigans with a game of Checkers, before deciding to somewhere else for happy hour.


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