I am a firm believer in choosing quality over quantity. To me, it’s worth choosing quality when it comes to clothing. Since I downsized my closet, I have learnt the importance of choosing quality clothing. When I started investing in quality pieces, I took care of them and I found that they lasted longer.

It used to be a constant problem finding what I wanted to wear every morning…literally. Yes, I had a lot of clothes but it felt like I had nothing to wear. Finding matching pieces were a problem. And when I found pairs that matched, I wasn’t sure if they suited me.

Changing my mindset to choose quality rather than buying anything that looked “cute” has made me have a better understanding of what fashion styles I like. I can comfortably match pieces in my minimalist wardrobe now since I found my personal style.

It may cost a bit more to invest in quality clothing. But that’s what it is, an investment. I still own a dress and jacket that I got over seven years ago, and they still look good. Taking the prices of the pieces and the number of wears I’ve had over time, they actually become cheaper. That is a good deal to me. But I also acknowledge that price doesn’t always correspond to quality. Expensive doesn’t always mean quality.

Clothes don’t last forever and shopping is inevitable. But you can make conscious choices. Look for quality by focusing on the fabric and craft.

“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes.” – Fashion designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood.

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There are a few things you can do to make sure you add quality pieces to you wardrobe:

  1. Shop with intention. Go shopping with the intent of buying something that you need instead of shopping for the sake of shopping.
  2. Versatility. Buy clothes that are versatile enough to your wardrobe. Look for something that you can work with multiple pieces in your wardrobe. For me, I stick to neutral color palettes with simple and minimal designs.
  3. Don’t buy fast fashion. Fast fashion is unethical and unsustainable. Consumers are encouraged to buy cheap what’s trending and to ditch what is out. Mass production decreases the quality of garments. I like how people have embraced African couture. This is supporting a lot of up and coming designers in Kenya and Africa. The garments are made to last and have a unique design.
  4. Choose quality fabric. Learn about fabrics. Know the feeling of a good fabric and the handiwork on the garment. Good fabrics do not degrade easily over time.
  5. Pay more attention to detail.

Choosing quality applies to every aspect of your life and not just your wardrobe. You deserve to have nice things and are worth spending a little extra on. As long as you can afford to, you shouldn’t feel guilty to spend a little more on yourself.

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  1. Interesting read Yvonne. I do agree with you here. Quality over quantity any day.
    Rather have few but good and long lasting clothes.

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