GECO CAFE : The Bohemian Delight of Lavington

Geco Cafe in Lavington along Mbaazi Avenue is one of my favourite music cafes in Nairobi. It’s a cool gastropub located at Geco Car Wash. It has an ambiance that is eclectic, warm, welcoming and very bohemian.

The first time I visited Geco cafe was very spontaneous. I was taking an evening stroll after work and decided to stop by the little cafe with very interesting music. As I drew closer, so did the music. It was the enchanting harmony of Sade’s Smooth Operator. There are a few beautiful vintage cars parked outside, that definitely add to the quirkiness of Geco cafe. You can’t miss them. As soon as I walk in, a friendly attendant welcomes me and offers to help me find a cozy spot…I chose the bar. Looking through the variety of exotic beers they had, my Indie self spots kombucha stocked in the fridge.

“You serve Kombucha?!”, I enthusiastically asked the bartender.

To which he innately replied

“Yes, we do… coming right up!”

A cozy gastropub with a great selection of books, music and live afro-jazz  performances, that serves kombucha. Jackpot! I had just found my “Maclarens/Central Perk” – catch the reference!

So when Drew and I decided meet last Thursday, I had the perfect place to introduce to him. The beautiful and gifted Silayio was performing live and the crowd was vibrant.

The advertising board tells us that it is open seven days a week and that the rules are no fighting, no smoking, no drugs. It promises a ‘family friendly environment’.

After peeking through the menu at Geco cafe, and sorting through the broad Mediterranean selection, we opted for cocktails.  A sweet and tropical Piña colada for me and a zesty Caipirinha for Drew. Yummy reviewers speak well of the Chicken skewers at Geco cafe, that I am yet to try.

I asked my paisan what he thought of the place. His answer said much about his patronage. He said, “The idea to have a cafe/bar/bookstore next to a car wash is perfect.”

Geco cafe

Geco cafe

Geco cafe

Geco cafe

Keep you posted till next time.


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